Ecstatic Dance: Consider It With Your Audience

Ecstatic dance

Whereas you can spend hours meditating or delving deep into your subconscious mind, you should find a way that provides both mental and body satisfaction. Ecstatic dance is not your typical dance as it has no lead instructor, no partnering, or guidance on how to move. The dance is the best way to achieve a strenuous cardio workout, fix your endorphins, and achieve a good feeling of bliss.

Ecstatic dance is one of the many types of dancing where dancers enjoy themselves without the need to follow specific steps. They abandon themselves, flow with the rhythm, and move freely as the music and a feeling of ecstasy takes lead. Significant effects of ecstatic dance begin with experiencing ecstasy itself, which comes in varying degrees. Dancers feel connected not only to each other but also to their emotions. This is why it is a perfect remedy for those coping with stress or in need of meditation.

What Happens In This Dance?

Ecstatic dance suits people of various ages, experiences, and backgrounds. The dance floor is a safe haven with total freedom of expression. Most people only dance in a nightclub or under the influence of alcohol, which makes ecstatic dance quite nerve-racking for first-timers. Music begins slowly and increasingly gets louder and faster. The energy of those dancing, as well, heightens and whirls as people enjoy the primal movements guided by the music.

The dance is surprisingly a strenuous workout, as it involves jumps, shakes, twirls, and sweat. The feel-good endorphins often kick in with the music, prompting a sense of relaxation and meditative state. Usually, after the epitome, the music gently slows into rhythms that encourage peaceful, sound meditation.

During the dance, there are a few general guidelines to observe. They include;

The dance floor is a non-verbal space – you should honour the space by not talking. Dancers join and create a safe space for movement. As such, avoid or minimize talking to allow participants to escape their conscious thoughts into the unconscious thoughts of the body, heart, and souls. Elope from the worries of the day and connect with the spirit on the dance floor. An ecstatic dance floor is a place of safety and respect – ecstatic dance simulates a safe container, whether dancing in a crowd or alone. The dance is contact-friendly, but keep in mind that people have varying levels of comfort when being approached. Therefore, be mindful and approach other dancers with resonance.

Benefits of Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance is linked to a wide array of holistic health benefits. The dance has wide-ranging physical health benefits, such as increased mobility, improved recognition, improved heart condition, and even reduction in falls in older adults. Whereas there is no much research about the dance, in particular, moving your body in a feel-good motion is good for your physical health.

That aside, the most profound benefits of ecstatic dance are in the mental, social, emotional, and spiritual benefits. The feeling of ecstasy provides freedom from anxiety, stress, negative thoughts, and brings in a feeling of joy.

Ecstatic dance shakes out the stress and inhibitions of the mind and brings people closer to their true aliveness as they experience the bliss of connection with self and others.

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