How To Be A Pro DJ In The Sea Of Amateurs


How to be a Pro DJ? There is no secret or some magic trick involved. Let’s talk about the behaviours that you should manifest instead.

Dj’ing as a hobby is fun and all but becoming a Pro at it to earn money is a serious matter. What deviates a Pro DJ from an amateur one is their thinking and ability to act as one. Every career or business needs a sense of direction and being a DJ ain’t different. The more professional you become, the greater is the $$ and respect you will achieve. It really pays to be a professional in your line of work.

Below are some reminders and points to consider on how to be a Pro DJ.

1. Put your agreements and contracts in hard copies.

With the number of scammers out there, you want to make sure that you are getting paid at the end of the gig. Email can be very handy but nothing can beat a written agreement with a signature on it. It also protects you legally when issues arise. Social media may work for setting up your page to represent your brand in order for people to be able to find you and reach out to you conveniently. However, place a contract in writing after everything is set to protect yourself.

2. Be Organized

Some events may provide you with everything you need. That’s not a sign that you just want to show up empty-handed. Take your favourite equipment with you. Bring spares of the necessary stuff needed for the gig. It’s nice to have extras handy in case something goes wrong with their equipment. Remember, when your music stops suddenly because of faulty material, the crowd looks on you and not on the event organizer.

3. Be Punctual

Even if you have all the stuff in hand but you show up late, there is a big chance that you will scramble and mess up. Being on time also shows respect for your contract and what’s being agreed upon. Showing up late diminishes the image of professionalism.

4. Act Casually

No matter the type of event, it’s always nice to be seen behaving fine and professional. Greet newly met DJs on the event and other organizers.

5. Understand Your Crowd

You have only one job as a DJ – to make people dance and have fun. Stop playing out music that you like. Instead, understand what your crowd likes and go with it. Observe the kind of tunes that the majority enjoys.

6. Handle Requests Like A Pro

An amateur DJ may feel that requests are making them look small. We get it, requests cut out the flow and break your concentration. But if you are a professional DJ, you can handle song requests with grace.

7. Set Your Ego Aside

Party people need a while to warm up. We all know that, we’ve been there. Do not throw head-bangers at the start. Recognize the crowd’s vibe and flow with it. Do not attempt to make a sudden turn as there’s a great chance that you will destroy their vibe. Set your ego aside but do not compromise your mood.

8. Get Paid

Doing a gig without getting paid is an amateur’s work. A professional DJ enjoys their job while making sure that they are paid with what they deserve and agreed upon in the first place.

Every gig is different. There is a lesson to learn to make your way into being more professional at your job. Have fun and don’t force yourself into something that will sacrifice your enjoyment. After all, your crowd will not have fun if you yourself aren’t enjoying it.

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